Spitfire Passenger Flights

Spitfire Passenger Flight from West Sussex

Spitfire Passenger Flight For the first time ever you can now book a passenger flight in a Spitfire TR9!

Up until this point people have only been allowed to fly alongside a Spitfire due to UK regulations. Well that's all changed with this brand new Spitfire experience from Red Letter Days.

The Spitfire TR9 is equipped with Equipped with a Rolls Royce Merline engine and was used by the RAF to train pilots in World War II. Your Spitfire flying experience includes a twenty minute flight over the coast of the English Channel though the full experience lasts over five hours.

Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime to fly in one of the greatest flying machines ever made. Find out more at Red Letter Days.

Spitfire and Wingman

Spitfire Wingman Flight

Location: Biggin Hill, Kent
A real once in a lifetime experience for Spitfire and vintage aircraft enthusiasts.

Spitfire WingmanIt's not cheap but you'll be hard pushed to find a more exciting way to experience a Spitfire up close and in flight.

You'll be in a vintage warbird - a 1950's Harvard, where you'll have the opportunity to take the controls yourself after a full introduction to both aircraft.

You'll also get to sit in the cockpit of a Mk9 Supermarine Spitfire TA805 to experience it for yourself. Flying over the beautiful Kent & Sussex countryside alongside a Spitfire isome lucky person will never forget.

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Fly with a Spitfire

The Spitfire flight experience offers you a once in a lifetime chance to appreciate this legendary aeroplane at close quarters. From the comfort of an executive helicopter you'll witness the groundbreaking speed and agility of the Spitfire from an entirely new perspective as it manoeuvres around you.

The Spitfire in question is an authentic vintage Mk VB Supermarine, constructed in 1942, which was in active service with 315 and 317 squadrons during the war. It currently flies in the in the camouflage colours of the Polish 317 Wilenski squadron.

From the distinctive throaty roar of its Rolls Royce Merlin engine to the graceful sweep of its aerodynamic wings, the Spitfire is a true one-off in the history of aircraft design, and the opportunity to share the sky with one of the few remaining fully-functioning craft will be savoured by all serious aviation enthusiasts.

Spitfire and Helicopter

Spitfire flights - the Platinum experience

Location: Manston Airfield, Kent
The Platinum experience is the ultimate package for Spitfire admirers. After boarding a luxury helicopter in Manston in Kent, you'll be taken towards Canterbury, where you will be joined by your airborne companion for the first time.

Spitfire viewed from helicopterThere then follows a dramatic and evocative "chase" down the coast, during which the Spitfire will showcase the unique capabilities that made it such a formidable force to be reckoned with in the wartime skies over Britain.

After approximately an hour and a quarter in the air with the Spitfire, you'll land at a luxury hotel for lunch and a private aerobatic display from the ground. Then it's a short helicopter trip back to Manson, where you'll have the opportunity to meet the Spitfire pilot alongside his aircraft to ask any questions you may have and receive a first-hand account of exactly how it feels to soar through the sky in one of the world's most famous fighter planes.

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White Cliffs - Gold Spitfire flight experience

Spitfire FlyingTaking off in an executive helicopter from a luxury hotel situated just behind the White Cliffs of Dover, you and your group will soon be joined in the sky by an authentic vintage Spitfire which saw active duty during the Second World War.

After this in-air rendezvous, you'll be treated to a 15-minute synchronised aerobatic display, which will showcase some of the manoeuvres that helped to secure victory for Britain during the darkest days of the war. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for any true aviation enthusiast, and a chance to soak up a real slice of living history.

As part of the Gold Spitfire experience, you will also receive a mounted, signed photograph to commemorate the occasion. Spectators are also welcome to watch the helicopter taking off and landing at the hotel, and they will also be able to view the Spitfire passing overhead at the beginning of the flight.

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Spitfire taster flight

TG AviationWith a Spitfire taster flight you'll get the chance to fly alongside what is arguably the world's most famous fighter plane, and have the opportunity to take some breathtaking air-to-air photographs and gain a unique new perspective on this embodiment of British design and engineering perfection.

Your group will be taken up in an executive helicopter from a helipad near the historic Manston Airport in Kent, which itself played a vital role in the war effort. From here you will be joined by the Spitfire for approximately 10 minutes, during which time the plane will fly in formation on both sides of the helicopter, giving you unparalleled views of this spectacular machine in action.

Manston is also the home of the Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum, which is completely free of charge, so you can easily combine your flight with an interesting and informative tour to find out more about these fascinating machines from a classic period in the history of British aviation.

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Sit in a Spit - Spitfire Experience

spitfire-cockpitGet the unique chance to sit in a Spitfire at Heritage Hangar at Biggin Hill airport.

It's not often you'll get the chance to get so up close and personal with these vintage flying machines but the sit in a Spitfire experience allows you to get as close as you can get (without actually flying it!).

The team at the Heritage Hanger are also restoring Spitfires that you can see in progress, answer questions with a historian or member of the restoration team.

You can take photos of the Spitfires abut the most exciting part is getting to sit in the cockpit of an Mk9 Supermarine Spitfire TA805.

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